Research group in differential geometry and related areas

Academic staff
Gabriele Mondello, Paolo Piazza, Paolo Piccinni, Andrea Sambusetti

Post-docs and graduate students
Paolo Arcangeli, Matthieu Gendulphe, Federico Wolenski, Vito Felice Zenobi

Research areas

  • Geometric structures on surfaces (M. Gendulphe, G. Mondello, F. Wolenski): Riemann surfaces, hyperbolic surfaces, representation of surface groups, Teichmüller theory, moduli spaces of curves, modular groups, laminations
  • Global Riemannian Geometry (M. Gendulphe, P. Piccinni, A. Sambusetti): special structures, exceptional simmetric spaces; hyperbolic geometry and Kleinian groups; systolic and asymptotic geometry; convergence theory
  • Analysis on Manifolds (P. Piazza, V.F. Zenobi): topological and geometric invariants of elliptic operators; K-theory and non commutative differential geometry; Lie groupoids and KK-theory; index theory for Dirac and signature operators, eta-invariants, higher-index theory for the signature operator on stratified manifolds
  • Complex Differential Geometry (P. Arcangeli): index theorem à-la Camacho-Sad, Lehmann-Suwa theory, local discrete holomorphic dynamics

Related Research Network

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