International day of the Celebration of Women in Mathematics

Invito 12 maggio 2021
Wednesday May 12th at 10 am


Dear all,

We welcome you on the international day of the Celebration of Women in Mathematics

Wednesday May 12th at 10 am
to the online launching of the video
Words of Women in Mathematics in the Time of Corona

This film, which will be visible on as from May 12th, collects words of 86 women in mathematics from 37 countries in 25 languages, who share with us their experience during the pandemic.

On May 12th, at 10 am (CET), the filmmaker Irina Linke, and various women who contributed, will tell us about their experience around the project in a Zoom Meeting

On May 12th at 5pm (CET), the ICMS (International Centre for Mathematical Sciences) in Edinburgh, will present a film launch and international panel discussion:

The project emanated from a group of mathematicians following informal conversations about their experience during the pandemic. It is a follow-up of the film project “Faces of Women in Mathematics” ( Three years after this movie and with a year of pandemic behind us, we invite you to listen to the words of women in mathematics. This pandemic has indeed made women, and in particular women in mathematics, more invisible than ever and we hope that this project will contribute to letting them be heard and seen.

Sylvie Paycha
On behalf of the team members: Eugenie Hunsicker, Claudia Malvenuto, Eriko Shinkawa, Sonia Mahmoudi and Irina Linke

International Women in Mathematics Day was established on July 31, 2018, during the World Meeting for Women in Mathematics. The date was chosen because it is Maryam Mirzakhani's birthday, the first woman to be awarded the Fields Medal in 2014. The Fields Medal is a special award given every four years to the world's best mathematicians who have not yet turned 40.
International Women in Mathematics Day aims to guide and stimulate girls who want to enrol in mathematics degree programmes and women who want to research to encourage diversity and overcome gender bias.

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