Algebra and Geometry

Reading courses in Algebra and Geometry

- Algebraic combinatorics (C. Malvenuto)*
- Symmetric and quasi-symmetric functions (C. Malvenuto)*
- Combinatiorial Hopf algebras (C. Malvenuto)*
- Introduction to finite dimensional Lie algebras (P. Papi)
- Classical invariant theory (P. Papi)
- W-algebras (A. De Sole)*
- Quantum groups (A. De Sole)*
- Compact quantum groups (A. D'Andrea, C. Pinzari)
- Cherednik Double Affine Hecke Algebra and Heckman-Opdam Hypergeometric Functions:
  different viewpoints & applications (P. Bravi)
- Actions and representations of algebraic groups (G. Pezzini)
- Toric and spherical varietes (G. Pezzini)
- Riemann surfaces ans Teichmuller theory (G. Mondello)
- Moduli of algebraic curves (G. Mondello)
- Representations of surface groups, holomorhic and Higgs vector bundles (G. Mondello)
- Translation surfaces (G. Mondello)
- Geometric group theory (A. Sambusetti)*
- Kleinian groups: geometry and dynamics (A. Sambusetti)*
- Convergence theory in Riemannian Geometry (A. Sambusetti)*
- Kobayashi hyperbolicity and relations to arithmetic and algebraic geometry (S. Diverio)
- Positivity in analytic and algebraic geometry, and its counterpart in complex differential
  geometry (S. Diverio)
- Atiyah-Singer index theorem (P. Piazza)
* not in the academic year 2017/18



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