Erasmus Incoming Students at Department of Mathematics

If you are now looking at the present web page, you are probably interested in a stay at this Department of Mathematics in the framework of the Erasmus+ program.

Please note that only students from Universities and Departments that already have an Erasmus+ exchange agreement with Department of Mathematics at Sapienza Università di Roma can apply. A list of our partner Departments can be found here.

If an agreement exists, the students will initially apply for exchange positions through their home Universities. Contact the international coordinator at your Department/University for details about the application procedure.

When the home university has finished the selection, a nomination will be sent to our exchange administrative coordinator . Deadlines for sending nominations for the autumn semester or for the full academic year is May 15, that for spring semester is October 15Nominations must always come from home universities, we never accept applications directly from students. 

For general information and administrative aspects of the program Erasmus+ concerning Incoming Students at Sapienza Università di Roma, see the web site

Here we provide some information about Department of Mathematics “Guido Castelnuovo” of Sapienza Università di Roma. Accordingly, we start from its webpage:

You can find all teaching information at

You can thus see that we offer a three-year first cycle program in Mathematics and a two-year second cycle program. 

Please note that the courses titles are in Italian, and all courses we offer are taught in Italian.

Thus, incoming Erasmus students will have to know Italian at some level. However, we are doing our best to offer the opportunity to make available some offers in English, that is already the language of textbooks and of references for all Master courses.

If you are interested in courses taught at other Departments (for instance in Physics), you can easily reach them through the teaching page of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences.

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