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  1. arxiv-id: 1904.04798v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    On the segmentation of astronomical images via level-set methods
    Silvia Tozza, Maurizio Falcone
    Published: 2019-04-09

  2. arxiv-id: 1812.08408v3 [Abstract, pdf]
    A spectral method for bipartizing a network and detecting a large anti-community
    A. Concas, S. Noschese, L. Reichel, G. Rodriguez
    Published: 2018-12-20

  3. arxiv-id: 1812.03026v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    A High-Order Scheme for Image Segmentation via a modified Level-Set method
    Maurizio Falcone, Giulio Paolucci, Silvia Tozza
    Published: 2018-12-07

  4. arxiv-id: 1812.02140v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Convergence of Adaptive Filtered schemes for first order evolutive Hamilton-Jacobi equations
    Maurizio Falcone, Giulio Paolucci, Silvia Tozza
    Published: 2018-12-05

  5. arxiv-id: 1808.02230v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    Eigenvector sensitivity under general and structured perturbations of tridiagonal Toeplitz-type matrices
    Silvia Noschese, Lothar Reichel
    Published: 2018-08-07

  6. arxiv-id: 1806.06599v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Arnoldi decomposition, GMRES, and preconditioning for linear discrete ill-posed problems
    Silvia Gazzola, Silvia Noschese, Paolo Novati, Lothar Reichel
    Published: 2018-06-18

  7. arxiv-id: 1711.10426v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    A fully-discrete scheme for systems of nonlinear Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equations
    Elisabetta Carlini, Francisco J. Silva
    Published: 2017-11-28

  8. arxiv-id: 1708.07718v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Linear Differential Constraints for Photo-polarimetric Height Estimation
    Silvia Tozza, William A. P. Smith, Dizhong Zhu, Ravi Ramamoorthi, Edwin R. Hancock
    Published: 2017-08-25

  9. arxiv-id: 1708.02042v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    On the discretization of some nonlinear Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov equations and applications
    Elisabetta Carlini, Francisco J. Silva
    Published: 2017-08-07

  10. arxiv-id: 1705.06489v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Regularization matrices for discrete ill-posed problems in several space-dimensions
    Laura Dykes, Guangxin Huang, Silvia Noschese, Lothar Reichel
    Published: 2017-05-18

  11. arxiv-id: 1704.01449v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Computing Unstructured and Structured Polynomial Pseudospectrum Approximations
    Silvia Noschese, Lothar Reichel
    Published: 2017-04-05

  12. arxiv-id: 1611.04415v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Approximated structured pseudospectra
    Silvia Noschese, Lothar Reichel
    Published: 2016-11-14

  13. arxiv-id: 1609.00573v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Circulant preconditioners for discrete ill-posed Toeplitz systems
    L. Dykes, S. Noschese, L. Reichel
    Published: 2016-09-02

  14. arxiv-id: 1604.04135v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Fast and oblivious algorithms for dissipative and 2D wave equations
    Lehel Banjai, María López-Fernández, Achim Schädle
    Published: 2016-04-14

  15. arxiv-id: 1602.04626v3 [Abstract, pdf]
    A Semi-Lagrangian Scheme with Radial Basis Approximation for Surface Reconstruction
    Elisabetta Carlini, Roberto Ferretti
    Published: 2016-02-15

  16. arxiv-id: 1602.03318v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Regularization matrices determined by matrix nearness problems
    Guangxin Huang, Silvia Noschese, Lothar Reichel
    Published: 2016-02-10

  17. arxiv-id: 1602.03307v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Some matrix nearness problems suggested by Tikhonov regularization
    Silvia Noschese, Lothar Reichel
    Published: 2016-02-10

  18. arxiv-id: 1601.07324v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    A Semi-Lagrangian scheme for a modified version of the Hughes model for pedestrian flow
    Elisabetta Carlini, Adriano Festa, Francisco J. Silva, Marie-Therese Wolfram
    Published: 2016-01-27

  19. arxiv-id: 1512.09066v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    A numerical study of a two-layer model for the growth of granular matter in a silo
    Stefano Finzi Vita
    Published: 2015-12-30

  20. arxiv-id: 1511.00265v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Error analysis for POD Approximations of infinite horizon problems via the Dynamic Programming approach
    Alessandro Alla, Maurizio Falcone, Stefan Volkwein
    Published: 2015-11-01

  21. arxiv-id: 1502.05197v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    Analysis and approximation of some Shape-from-Shading models for non-Lambertian surfaces
    Silvia Tozza, Maurizio Falcone
    Published: 2015-02-18

  22. arxiv-id: 1411.3260v4 [Abstract, pdf]
    A flame propagation model on a network with application to a blocking problem
    Fabio Camilli, Elisabetta Carlini, Claudio Marchi
    Published: 2014-11-12

  23. arxiv-id: 1404.3592v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Differential equations for real-structured (and unstructured) defectivity measures
    Paolo Buttà, Nicola Guglielmi, Manuela Manetta, Silvia Noschese
    Published: 2014-04-14
    Journal Reference: SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl. 36 (2015), 523-548

  24. arxiv-id: 1308.2087v3 [Abstract, pdf]
    An Efficient Policy Iteration Algorithm for Dynamic Programming Equations
    Alessandro Alla, Maurizio Falcone, Dante Kalise
    Published: 2013-08-09

  25. arxiv-id: 1302.4072v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    An adaptive POD approximation method for the control of advection-diffusion equations
    Alessandro Alla, Maurizio Falcone
    Published: 2013-02-17

  26. arxiv-id: 1205.4500v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Structured conditioning of Hamiltonian eigenvalue problems
    Paolo Buttà, Silvia Noschese
    Published: 2012-05-21
    Journal Reference: J. Comput. Appl. Math. 272 (2014), 304-312

  27. arxiv-id: 1202.0254v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Computing the structured pseudospectrum of a Toeplitz matrix and its extreme points
    Paolo Buttà, Nicola Guglielmi, Silvia Noschese
    Published: 2012-02-01
    Journal Reference: SIAM J. Matrix Anal. Appl. 33 (2012), 1300-1319

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