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  1. arxiv-id: 1612.09586v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Dispersive estimates for the Dirac equation in an Aharonov-Bohm field
    Federico Cacciafesta, Luca Fanelli
    Published: 2016-12-30

  2. arxiv-id: 1611.04805v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Spherical Schrödinger Hamiltonians: Spectral Analysis and Time Decay
    Luca Fanelli
    Published: 2016-11-15

  3. arxiv-id: 1604.02726v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Weak dispersive estimates for fractional Aharonov-Bohm-Schrödinger groups
    F. Cacciafesta, L. Fanelli
    Published: 2016-04-10

  4. arxiv-id: 1603.06738v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    Gaussian decay of Harmonic Oscillators and related models
    Biagio Cassano, Luca Fanelli
    Published: 2016-03-22

  5. arxiv-id: 1510.03660v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Frequency-dependent time decay of Schrödinger flows
    L. Fanelli, V. Felli, M. Fontelos, A. Primo
    Published: 2015-10-13

  6. arxiv-id: 1405.1784v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Time decay of scaling invariant Schroedinger equations on the plane
    L. Fanelli, V. Felli, M. Fontelos, A. Primo
    Published: 2014-05-08

  7. arxiv-id: 1309.3746v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Relativistic Hardy inequalities in magnetic fields
    Luca Fanelli, Luis Vega, Nicola Visciglia
    Published: 2013-09-15

  8. arxiv-id: 1307.6428v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Sharp Hardy uncertainty principle and gaussian profiles of covariant Schrödinger evolutions
    Biagio Cassano, Luca Fanelli
    Published: 2013-07-24

  9. arxiv-id: 1206.5366v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    Hardy Uncertainty Principle and unique continuation properties of covariant Schrodinger flows
    Juan Antonio Barcelo, Luca Fanelli, Susana Gutierrez, Alberto Ruiz, Mari Cruz Vilela
    Published: 2012-06-23

  10. arxiv-id: 0807.2280v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    Smoothing estimates for the Schrodinger equation with unbounded potentials
    Piero D'Ancona, Luca Fanelli
    Published: 2008-07-14

  11. arxiv-id: 0806.0778v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    Magnetic virial identities, weak dispersion and Strichartz inequalities
    Luca Fanelli, Luis Vega
    Published: 2008-06-04

  12. arxiv-id: 0705.0491v1 [Abstract, pdf]
    On the blow-up threshold for weakly coupled nonlinear Schroedinger equations
    Luca Fanelli, Eugenio Montefusco
    Published: 2007-05-03

  13. arxiv-id: math/0701148v2 [Abstract, pdf]
    The L^p-continuity of the wave operators for the three dimensional Schroedinger operator
    Luca Fanelli
    Published: 2007-01-04