See complete details at SCUDEM and all problems posed, student results, and student team videos from past SCUDEM Events


  • Three-member student teams (high school and undergraduate) work on 1 of 3 model choices
  • Team and coach from one school or SIMIODE creates teams from individual student registrations
  • Teams built from students around the world, forming collegial friendships for life
  • Imagine - team from Lagos NIGERIA, Paris FRANCE, Missoula MT USA, with Coach from Kyoto JAPAN
  • Registration is $20 USD, with free Registration in developing countries
  • Coach/Mentor Period 24 August – 23 October 2021 - Coach and team members work on modeling and presentation skills
  • Challenge Period 23 October - 15 November 2021 – teams work independent of coach to produce and upload 10-minute model presentation video for judging
  • Awards:  Outstanding, Meritorious, Successful - Outstanding Award team videos published at SIMIODE  YouTube Channel
  • Opportunity to Mentor/Coach local team or international team of bright young students
  • We need volunteer Judges - watch three team videos, enjoy the energy, give feedback, and be a part of something important and meaningful to students

Join us for this remarkable opportunity to experience modeling with differential equations and work with future colleagues from around the world. Thank you.

Register now as Student, Coach, or Judge for SCUDEM

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Also consider our new SIMIODE textbook using a modeling first and throughout approach.


 Complete details here.


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