Research Group in Calculus of Variations

Academic staff
Nadia Ansini, Graziano Crasta, Vito CrismaleAdriana Garroni, Annalisa Malusa, Enzo Nesi, Adriano Pisante, Marcello Ponsiglione, Emanuele Spadaro.

Other members of the group in the area of Rome
Roberto Alicandro, Lucia De Luca

Post-docs and graduate students
Paolo De Donato, Angelo Ninno, Martino Fortuna


Research areas
Variational problems in material science, homogenization, variational evolutions, phase transitions and interfaces, non local geometric problem, regularity for free boundary problems and minimal surfaces.

Research activities


ERC Starting Grant (ERC-2017-STG): HiCoS “Higher Codimension Singularities”, (PI Emanuele Spadaro)

PRIN 2017 Variational methods for stationary and evolution  problems with singularities and interfaces (PI Gianni Dal Maso, local PI Adriana Garroni).





20 years of Summer Schools on CalcVar in Rome, 13th-18th June 2022

Teaching activities

Starting from the academic year 2020/21 a new Master degree in Applied Mathematics will start (Laurea Magistrale in Matematica Applicata).

One of the programs proposed in this Master is devoted to Calculus of Variations (Curriculum di Matematica Applicata per le Scienze, MApS, Indirizzo Metodi Variazionali).

Here you will find the main information about it (in italian)




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