Seminario di Analisi Matematica

SEMINARI A.A. 2020/2021


Luca Rossi 
Are solutions of reaction-diffusion equations asymptotically 1D ?

The symmetry of solutions of elliptic equations is a classical and challenging problem in PDE, connected with stability.
In this talk we are concerned with parabolic equations and we ask whether the 1-dimensional symmetry eventually emerges in the long time,

for solutions which are initially non-symmetric.
We will present a satisfactory answer in the case of the Fisher-KPP equation, together with some counter-examples and open questions.
This topic is the object of a joint work with F. Hamel.

Università di Roma

Piermarco Cannarsa
Long time behaviour of solutions to Hamilton-Jacobi equations for sub-Riemannian control systems

Sub-Riemannian systems are an important class of nonlinear control systems with linear dependence on controls. Controllability properties for such systems are derived by the so-called Lie Algebra rank condition on the associated family of vector fields. We will discuss the long-time average behaviour of the value function of optimal control  problems for sub-Riemannian systems, which cannot be addressed by classical weak KAM theory as the Hamiltonian fails to be coercive in the momentum variable.

Università di Roma
Tor Vergata


SEMINARI A.A. 2019/2020

07/10/2019 Andrea Braides
Homogenization of ferromagnetic energies on Poisson Clouds in the plane
Università di Roma
Tor Vergata
14/10/2019 Elena Kosygina
Stochastic homogenization of viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations with non-convex Hamiltonians: examples and open questions
Baruch College
21/10/2019 Stephan Luckhaus
Federer, Fleming and all that
Universität Leipzig
28/10/2019 Andrei Rodriguez
Large-time behavior of unbounded solutions of viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations in R^N
Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria
04/11/2019 Daniele Cassani
Bose fluids and positive solutions to weakly coupled elliptic system in the plane
Università dell'Insubria
11/11/2019 Susanna Terracini   
Liouville type theorems and local behaviour of solutions to degenerate or singular problems
Università di Torino
18/11/2019 Nicola Visciglia
NLS: from the completely integrable to the general case
Università di Pisa
25/11/2019 Francesco Clemente

Marco Pozza
A representation formula for viscosity solutions to PDE problems with sublinear operators


Università di Roma
02/12/2019 Gabrielle Saller Nornberg Sapienza
Università di Roma
09/12/2019 Gilles Francfort
Homogenization for a 2D, two-phase, isotropic and periodic mixture in linear elasticity
Université Paris XIII
16/12/2019 Angela Pistoia
Elliptic systems with critical growth 
Università di Roma
20/01/2020 Maria J. Esteban
Domains of singular Dirac operators and how to compute their eigenvalues 
Université Paris Dauphine
27/01/2020 Erwin Topp
Some results for the large time behavior of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations with Caputo Time Derivative
Universidad de Santiago de Chile
03/02/2020 Ning-An Lai  (ANNULLATO)
Strauss exponent for semilinear wave equations with scattering space dependent damping
Lishui University
10/02/2020 Paolo Bonicatto
Uniqueness and non-uniqueness phenomena for the transport equation in R^d
Universität Basel
17/02/2020 Sara Daneri
On the sticky particle solutions to the pressureless Euler system in general dimension
09/03/2020 Andrea Corli   (ANNULLATO)
Traveling waves for degenerate parabolic equations with negative diffusivities

Jean Van Schaftingen   (ANNULLATO)
Ginzburg-Landau functionals for a general compact vacuum manifold on planar domains

Università di Ferrara 


16/03/2020 Xavier Ros-Oton  (ANNULLATO)
Universität Zürich
23/03/2020 Andrea Mondino  (ANNULLATO)
University of Oxford
30/03/2020 Giulio Ciraolo  (ANNULLATO)
Università di Milano

Olivier Ley    (ANNULLATO)

Institut National des Sciences 
Appliquées de Rennes

20/04/2020 Martino Bardi     (ANNULLATO)
Università di Padova

Lorenzo Dello Schiavo   (ANNULLATO)

Universität Bonn

Seminario A.Ma.Ca. 2020
Lucio Boccardo   
El amor a las PDE en los tiempos del coronavirus

Università di Roma

Seminario A.Ma.Ca. 2020
Adriana Garroni
Ruolo delle stime di rigidità in elasticità e plasticità
Eugenio Montefusco
Alcune osservazioni sulle configurazioni limite di sistemi fortemente competitivi


Università di Roma
18/05//2020 Seminario A.Ma.Ca. 2020
Luigi Orsina
Un sistema di equazioni di tipo Kirchhoff-Schrödinger-Maxwell
Marcello Ponsiglione
Limiti di curvature non locali e dei corrispondenti flussi geometrici

Università di Roma
08/06//2020 Seminario A.Ma.Ca. 2020
Luca Di Fazio
Regolarità C^1 nel problema dell'ostacolo sottile per disequazioni variazionali
Andrea Kubin
Potenziali di interazione tra sfere rigide di tipo Riesz

Università di Roma

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