PH.D. Tutor

The tutor
Each student is assigned a tutor, who is chosen among the members of the Council. The tutor will be the reference figure within the Council throughout the whole doctoral program, even after the student has chosen his/her advisor. At the beginning of the first year, the tutor and the student design an individual training program. If necessary, the tutor is available to provide guidance and fill gaps in the student's background. Then, the tutor will take care to be informed on the student's research activity, especially on occasion of the passage exams. He/she will also give an opinion on the student's participation in any activities not provided by the individual training program (such as possible stays abroad and participation in conferences). Lastly, the tutor will take care of the entire final examination procedure. In particular, he/she will select the reviewers of the thesis, the members of the examination committee and is in charge of the organization and planning of the exam itself.

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