PhD research topic - Gabriele Mondello

Gabriele Mondello

Research area

Differential geometry, algebraic geometry


Riemann surfaces, geometric structures, moduli spaces


Research topics

Riemann surfaces are at the crossroad of several topics: differential geometry, complex algebraic geometry, low-dimensional topology, sometimes non-linear analysis.
A geometric structure (say, on a surface) is an atlas with values in a homogeneous space G/H, with transition functions with values in the group G.
Examples of such geometric structures are: metrics of constant curvature, affine structures, translation structures, foliations, complex structures, complex-projective structures, real-projective structures and so on. These structures often occur "in nature".
Broadly speaking, the main focus of my current research is to study families of such geometric structures: their local invariants and their global moduli spaces. In particular, I am also interested in topological, differential-geometric and algebro-geometric properties of such moduli spaces.
For example, the topology is such moduli spaces can be studied by the aid of geometrically meaningful cellularizations, vanishing results in cohomology can be obtained through Morse theory by using geometrically meaningful functions, volumes of moduli spaces can be recursively computed by chopping them in (geometrically meaningful) pieces.


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