PhD research topic - Marco Manetti

Marco Manetti

Research area

Lie and homotopy methods in deformation theory


Differential graded Lie algebras, L-infinity algebras, obstruction theory, model categories.

Research topic

Deformation theory is the study of small variations of algebro-geometric structures. It is a classical subject whose origin dates back to the works of Kodaira and Grothendieck [1]. It is an intrisically difficult subject since it involves nonadditive structures and it can be reduced to an additive framework only in the infinitesimal setting. 
Il the last  30 years a new powerful approach to deformation theory ofer a field of characteristic 0 has been proposed by Deligne, Drinfeld, Kontsevich and other by using methods and ideas from rational homotopy theory [2], homotopical algebra [3], differential graded  Lie algebras [4,5] and L-infinity algebras [6]. 


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