PhD research topic - Domenico Fiorenza

Domenico Fiorenza

Research areas

Topological quantum field theories


Topological quantum field theories, symmetric monoidal categories, factorization algebras, elliptic cohomology, topological modular forms

Research topics

Topological quantum field theories are linear representations of (extended) cobordism. On the one hand they are a powerful source of algebraic invariants of manifolds (classical examples are the Jones polynomial, Turaev-Viro, and Dijkgraaf-Witten invariants). On the other hand, the intuition coming from the geometric nature of cobordism provides a clear explanation for otherwise mysterious algebraic constructions. An intriguing example is provided by elliptic cohomology. This is known in the physics folklore to be related to a certain supersymmetric quantum field theory, yet a rigorous construction remains elusive and an appealing challenge to mathematicians.   



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