What are the basic requirements needed to apply for a graduate studies program?
Entering a graduate programme at the Sapienza University of Rome requires having obtained a "Laurea Specialistica" and/or "Laurea Magistrale" degree, or an equivalent title, within October 31st of the enrollment year. Candidates not yet in possession of such a title at the time of the admission examination will be conditionally admitted to participate.

What are the basic requirements needed for a foreign student to enter the graduate studies program?
In order to enter our program you need the equivalent of a "Laurea Specialistica" degree. In other words, you basically need five (or four under some conditions) years of study at college or university, requiring a written thesis of an advanced research level (it does not need to be original research, but it should be of an advanced level (a 100 page thesis). This is basically a master level degree in the USA or in France. Upon application for graduate studies, an internal board will judge whether the university studies completed at a non-Italian university can be considered to be equivalent to the Italian “Laurea Specialistica”.

When does the next graduate programme start?
Graduate studies always start on November 1st of each year.

How long does the graduate programme last?
Graduate studies last for three years and may be extended to a fourth year (during which university scholarships are not extended), subject to approval by the graduate school authorities. At the end of the first and second year of attendance, students are evaluated by a teaching board before they are admitted to the next year.

What kind of scholarships are available for graduate students and how do you obtain them?
In general, scholarships available for a specific graduate programme are assigned to the most successful candidates participating in the corresponding admission examination. Additionally, research groups may assigns scholarships directly to candidates if they wish to do so. Finally, foreigners who performed their undergraduate studies abroad may participate in the general "Call for Applications to fellowships and admission of Foreign Nationals Educated Abroad" which provides (richer) scholarships and are awarded after participating in the general admission examination. More information about such scholarships and how and when to apply for them, can be found here. Only very few openings for such scholarships are available each year.

What are the costs of the graduate programme?
The total costs of graduate studies include an entrance fee for each one of the three academic years, and a fee for the final exam. You can find more information here. Note that general university scholarships cover all these expenses.

How do I apply for a specific graduate programme?
The call for application for any graduate programme at the Sapienza University of Rome is published and available at this website. You can download the call for application by clicking on the link “bando”. The link “Allegato A” includes directions on how to apply on line.

How can a foreign student apply for graduate programmes at La Sapienza?
If you are not Italian you have three ways to enter a graduate programme. By passing the general admission examination. The call for application is usually during the month of July. In case you pass it and rank among the best 12 candidates, you will receive a fellowship. Foreigners who are not interested in a fellowship, or are supported financially by either a research group of La Sapienza, or a third source (the fellowship should cover your salary and university fees), can enter the program on the basis of their resume only, as long as a research group at La Sapienza wants to work with them. La Sapienza University organizes an open call reserved to foreigners. Requirements needed to apply for this scholarship are more stringent. More information about this scholarship and how and when to apply for it, can be found here. Only very few openings for such scholarships are available each year.

What is the deadline for this year's applications?
The call for application, which includes the deadline for applications, for any graduate programme at La Sapienza University of Rome is published and available here. It can be dowloaded by clicking on the link “bando”.

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