LLaboratorio didattico di calcolo: Software


Sistema Operativo Linux Ubuntu

  Editor di testi (emacs, xemacs, pico,etc)
  TeX (latex, pdflatex, etc + kile ambiente di sviluppo)
  Compilatori gcc, g++, gfortran
  Python, con i moduli matplotlib, numpy, scipy
  Java, eclipse
  Programmi per la lettura e la conversione di file dvi, ps, pdf (xdvi, a2ps, dvips, gv, acroread, xpdf)
  Programmi per la grafica e la visualizzazione di grafici ed immagini (gnuplot,gimp,xanim etc.)
  Cabri II plus (simple and comprehensive software to understand geometry in the classroom)
  Claw (Conservation LAW PACKage)
  CoCoA (Computations in Commutative Algebra)
  GAP (Groups, Algorithms and Programming)
  GeoGebra (Dynamic Geometry, Algebra and Calculus for Schools)
  Kexi (data management application, competitor for programs like MS Access or Filemaker)
  Matlab (con toolbox PDE, Optimization, Image Processing e Statistics)
  Normaliz (tool for computations in affine monoids, vector configurations, lattice polytopes, and rational cones)
  Octave, Scilab, FreeFEM++
  Phaser A Universal Simulator for Dynamical Systems
  PLTMG package for Solving Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
  R (Statistical Data Analysis)
  Polymake (tool to study the combinatorics and the geometry of convex polytopes and polyhedra)
  Singular (Computer Algebra System for polynomial computations)
  SQLite (SQL database engine)
  Xcas/giac (free computer algebra system to perform computer algebra, geometry 2-d and 3-d, and spreadsheet)