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Mathematical Methods and Models for the Environment                  

academic year:   2018/2019
instructor:  Elena Agliari
degree course:  Environmental Monitoring and Recovery (magistrale), II year
type of training activity:  caratterizzante
credits:  6
teaching language:  italiano
period:  I sem (02/10/2017 - 22/01/2018)

Presence: highly recommended

Detailed module subject: (see also GOMP) Introduction to dinamical systems; difference equations and differential equations. Elements of differential models: Malthus and Verhulst models, diffusion, predator-prey systems, competition and cooperation, fitness. Descriptive statistics; Absolute and relative frequencies, graphical representations. Mean and standard deviation; median and percentiles. Bivariate and multivariate statistics. Correlation, linear regression; principal components. Regression for exponential and power laws. Elements of probability. Independence. Bayes’ formula, the law of large numbers. Random variables. The main probability distributions in modeling. Inferential statistics. Parameter estimation of a distribution, confidence intervals. Hypothesis of testing. Introduction to various statistical tests.

Office hours: By appointment

Suggested reading: - D. Benedetto, C. Maffei, M. Degli Esposti: “Matematica per le scienze della vita”, II edition, CEA - G. Gaeta: "Modelli matematici in biologia", Springer - D. S. Moore: “Statistica di base”, II edition, APOGEO - S. M. Iacus, G. Masarotto: “Laboratorio di Statistica con R”, II edition, McGraw-Hill - Teacher’s notes (available on

Type of course: standard

Useful link: Further details are available on e-learning and on the the web-page

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