Ph.D. Program in Mathematics

The Ph.D. program in Mathematics lasts 3 years and aims to train its students for a professional or academic career, in the area of Mathematics and its Applications.

To attain this goal, the doctoral program provides:

  • a broad and high-level preparation in mathematics;
  • the opportunity to deepen mathematical understanding and abilities through scientific research;
  • participation in a research program in promising areas of mathematics or its applications in an interdisciplinary setting.

The high quality of the doctoral program is guaranteed by the excellence of the research performed in the department and by the wide-ranging collaborative relationships manteined by researchers in the Department of Mathematics. Our doctoral program belongs to the Vito Volterra Doctoral School which is an additional oppurtunity for enriching the scientific and cultural value of our program.

The doctoral program's coursework is intended to last three years, during which students follow courses, develop an individual research project under the guidance of a supervisor and participate in research activities of the Department of Mathematics.

The program includes two scientific areas (curricula): Mathematics and Applied Mathematics.
For the program starting November 1st 2016 there are 9 fellowships avalable (with no teaching duties). There are also 3 positions without financial support

Starting with the academic year 2015-2016, the Ph.D. school in Mathematics of Sapienza has joined forces with the Ph.D. schools in Mathematics offered by Università degli Studi di Tor Vergata and Università degli Studi di Roma Tre, offering: compatible schedules for the admissioni procedure, graduate courses, possibility of thesis supervisors in any of the three schools and a monthly colloquium.

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