Seminario di Dipartimento -17/09/2021

venerdì 17 settembre alle ore 10, in Sala di Consiglio e su Google Meet


Venerdì 17 settembre alle ore 10 si terrà in Sala di Consiglio e via Meet il seminario di Dipartimento di Alessandra Faggionato in vista della sua chiamata da PO nel settore scientifico Disciplinare MAT06.

SpeakerAlessandra Faggionato

Titolo: Random geometry, stochastic homogenization and scaling limits

We consider two classes of objects: resistor networks and stochastic particle systems with hard-core interaction and symmetric jump rates. The geometrical setting is random: nodes and possible particle locations, respectively, form a simple point process in R^d. Further randomness is allowed in the environment. Our target has been to derive the scaling limit of the directional conductivity and the particle density, respectively, for universal classes under stationarity and ergodicity. The characters of this story are a probability space, the actions of the abelian group R^d (or Z^d), a simple point process and a conductance field. In the scaling limit they will merge indissolubly to produce the effective homogenized matrix, which will dictate the limiting behavior.

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